Getting a banner for every item of a Reminders list

I want to trigger(either by time or location) a Reminders list so that I get a separate banner notification for each item in the list.

I got this suggested to me on Reddit:

but that’s putting out notifications that contain every item in each notification

How do I word it so I only get 1 list item per notification?

(sorry for the elementary q, I’m brand new w Shortcuts)

In your notification action you need to replace Reminders, which is the complete list, with Repeat Item which is the single item in this iteration of the repeat loop.

You will also probably need a Find Reminders action to select the list that you want to be displayed.

Reminders itself can have timed or location based notifications, but that may block them together if there are a number at the same time or location.

Hope this helps.

That did it!


Tony, thank you much!

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