Get response status of request

Hi, is there a way to get the response status code (eg, 200 or 401) of request once you have done request.load()? i cant find any documentation on the return value of request.load() and when i log it (see below) i just get an empty dict

let request = new Request("");
request.method = "post";
request.addParameterToMultipart("key", "test") ;
request.addParameterToMultipart("data", "111");
let response = await request.load();
consol.log(response); // prints "{}"

EDIT: the server it is accessing is one i am hosting so i can see in the logs that it is sending a response. when i do loadString i get the string the server is sending printed but still no way to access the status code

hey, that answer was exactly what i needed, no idea why you deleted it but thanks anyway

I figured it would be easier to understand if I did an actual worked example over my lunch break was all :smile:

I’ll add it back here for context for when the forum properly deletes it.

Request instance response property.

that might have been better but i had mostly just missed it in the docs so pointing me to the right docs was enough.