Get/Put File to NextCloud server

I would like to be able to get/put files from/to a Nextcloud server using a shortcut. I can select the Nextcloud server and folder using the file picker (Nextcloud shows up in the Files app), but how to create an action to do this?

You might be able to use file/folder bookmarks as provided by apps such as Toolbox Pro and Scriptable, but this has a reliance on the way in which the storage provider has been created - i.e. NextCloud have to have created a bookmarks compatible storage provider. You would have to check that practically I suspect.

However, NextCloud can support good old SFTP, so if you use an SFTP app that is built to include Shortcuts actions (.g. Secure ShellFish), then you may well have an easier time of it. Certainly worth considering if NextCLoud does not support file bookmarking.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. I am using Secure Term, my favorite SSH app (has Shortcut actions and supports ssh tunnels) to move the file to an SFTP connected directory on NextCloud. Works well.