Get Group From Matched Text

When I try to pass the results of a Match Text (which results in multiple matches) to a Get Group From Matched Text action set to All Groups, I get a conversion error. My understanding is Matched Text outputs Text Match and Get Group From Matched Text wants Text Match as input.

What I want to do is find a relatively painless way to alphabetize the results of my Match Text results. The Get Group From Match Text question is kind of a side question about how that action is really intended to work.

Update: I figured out the Filter File action for alphabetizing, so I have what I need. :smile: Now I’m just curious about the Get Group From Match Text action.

Thank you.

Usually there should be no conversion error. Can you please share your shortcut so we can have a look at it? Probably there is a simple solution you’ve overlooked.

If your shortcut contains private information, please remove it before sharing and please make sure, we can execute it without this information :wink:

If you’re doing this on ios13 there is a bug with Get Group from Matched Text which is giving conversion errors. It was introduced in DB7 and hasn’t been fixed yet.

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Thank you! That’s what it is. My apologies for not specifying iOS 13. Never post on a severe lack of sleep. :smile:

This is resolved in the 13.1 beta :slight_smile:


Lots of things seem to be resolved by the 13.1 beta. :slight_smile:

(Or at least people are saying they are; Looking forward to the slew of articles. I can imagine Viticci tearing his hair out as he revises his doc.) :slight_smile: