Get from address not converting text location from Calendar event

Hey Automators!
I‘ve been trying to assemble a car shortcut that I intend to run via an NFC tag.

I want the shortcut to display a list of possible destinations based on common destinations that it pulls out of Data Jar and possible destinations from Calendar events.

As I want to launch the TomTom Go app for navigation I need the coordinates of my destination and not just the text address.

I manually add the Calendar locations to the dictionary extracted from Data Jar, to have a unified „Choose from menu“ for selection. Thus the Calendar event location is converted to text, and is thus in the same format as the Data Jar addresses.

This is why I use „Get address from Input“, to convert from Text back to Location. This works fine for every dictionary entry that originates from Data Jar, but every entry that originates from a Calendar event doesn’t return a result. When I use „Open in Maps“ instead, it can find the address just fine, but not with „Get address from Input“.

Did anyone encounter something like this in the past?

Here an image of my shortcut:

Getting an address from an event works fine for me. Just check the data type you are passing in at that point. Also consider popping in a View Content Graph step to check what data is available for the format for conversion at that step.

Good idea with the content graph.
It seems like it is able to detect that the entries from Data Jar are Locations, as the Content Graph successfully derives a location from the Text.
The Ex-Calendar Location only has the Text node though :confused:

And I found a solution using Toolbox Pros „Find Location in Text“ Action, which I just discovered exists :grin: