Get contents of Day One entry in Shortcuts

I’ve seen a lot of guides about how to get data into Day One via Shortcuts, but not out. I have a template that I fill out like a form every day, and I would like to get the values of each header in a shortcut to process elsewhere. The problem is that I can’t figure out how to get the text of the entry.

Day One provides the “find entries” action, which seems like it should do what I need. It returns a “Day One entry” data type. However, the only data I can get from the results of that shortcut is the date it was written.

Is it possible to get the actual text of an entry into Shortcuts somehow? Or maybe more data in the Day One entry data type that I’m missing?

I wish you the best in finding a solution. This is the main reason I left Day One. A million ways to get stuff into it, but almost no way to get things out…

I haven’t found a way, but I do something similar. I’ve set up a shortcut to “Ask for Input” of the data (workout data, in my case. Some is asked for, some is pulled from Health). Then save all of those off to variables.

Then I post an entry to Day One using the “Create Entry” shortcuts action, plugging the variables in. I also create a markdown table (using the same variables) and append that to the day note in my Obsidian vault using the “Append Text” shortcuts action.

Not ideal, but it works flawlessly. All the creating/appending happens in the background, so it’s not disruptive at all.