Get Code from Webview with form


I want to load the Delivery Date Form There is a Form with the bike number. After submittiert the Form, there are the Date. But i can Not read this Data with Scriptable :frowning:
When I use the present() function, I can See the Date I want. It seems like:

{"result": "error", "status": "UNKNOWN", "msg": "Bitte \u00fcberpr\u00fcfen Sie den eingegebenen Radcode.", "headline": "Radcode ung\u00fcltig", "mail_update_active": null}

How I can geht this Data as a varable? Have you Any Idea?

Thanks :wink:

async function loadSite() {

let url = ""
let wbv = new WebView()
await wbv.loadURL(url)

let jsc = `
var arr = new Array()

document.getElementsByClassName("production-status__input")[0].value = "1234"

var prodStat = document.getElementsByClassName("production-status__headline")[0].innerText


let jsn = await wbv.evaluateJavaScript(jsc)

await wbv.present()