Get book title and author from Amazon

Goal - my browser is pointed to an amazon webpage, I would like to extract the title and author from the page, then place them and the link the clip board.

Looking at the URL scheme I can get the title out of the URL. I can’t see how to get the author or other data off the page.

- Mark

Do you really need this data from Amazon? Or are you just looking for book data?

Context, I get a reference to a book from someone and it’s often a link to Amazon. I visit and I decide to put it on my reading list (in Obsidian). However I need to marshal the data so I can add it the reading list with less pain.

Update I’ve since found a plugin that does everything I was doing only better: GitHub - anpigon/obsidian-book-search-plugin: Obsidian plugin that automatically creates notes by searching for books