Get a somebody else's location in shortcuts? (or maybe share data jar values?)

OK, so I have a shortcut that I made that does a bunch of stuff in HomeKit. For example, depending on certain values in Data Jar, it will turn on certain lights and play certain music on the HomePod. My mom (who I live with) wants this shortcut to run when she arrives home. I went to the home automations tab in the Home app, but I noticed that pressing Convert to Shortcut gives a very limited version of the shortcuts app (for example data jar is missing and it doesn’t allow me to run a different shortcut from there). So I then went to personal automations so that I get the full functionality, but of course, the only location triggers available are for me, not my mom. Can anybody think of a way around this? My first thought was to somehow get her location in shortcuts through some third-party app, but if anybody can think of any other solution, I would appreciate it.

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Maybe HomeBridge could do this. There’s been discussion before about individual’s location being set using virtual switches, which would sub in for Data Jar. Maybe that can then be extrapolated out to triggering the actions only your mother requires to occur.

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Another reason I’ve got to set up homebridge :slight_smile:

Does your mother have an ios device on her? If so it could be triggered from there? Have that trigger a url linked to a pushcut action to activate the scene?

If not, maybe she could add an AirTag to her keychain, and you can use that to trigger the automation?

Oh actually that gives me an idea. I could have her phone call an http request that triggers an automation on my phone. I don’t actually have the paid Pushcuts version; would that let me run a shortcut with a webhook?