Get a notification when the phone rings

I play music in my house all the time. Usually, too loud. I have already created utility to have my home automation system lower the music volume and speak over the music to announce all sorts of interesting things like folks arriving at the front door, package delivery notifications and upcoming appointments.

One thing I’d love to do is to announce incoming phone calls and keep the music lower if I answer them. The action part here is relatively easy but I can’t find any way to get a notification when a call comes in, ideally one passing a dictionary with the caller information. I am aware of Apple’s treatment of calls and so far have found zero implementations to support the scenario I’m proposing.

Having said that, CallKit would make it possible to create a “shell VOIP” app that popped the notif with this information populated in it. Unclear if Apple would publish the app but worst case it could be run using a developer account on a local device.