Gallery: Code errors in widget (Days Until Christmas)

The gallery is a nice feature for getting new widgets but without the possibility to give a feedback to a special widget it makes it difficult or impossible to give the author a feedback.

In my case I downloaded the Days Until Christmas. The author (or the gallery) has no gist link.

In the if clause which checks if christmas is over for this year is an error:
today.getDay() and christmas.getDay() has to be .getDate()
getDay returns the day of the week, getDate the day of the month.

Without gist link and any information from the author crowd-debugging ist impossible.

Perhaps this should be rethought.

@simonbs - it looks like this is a feature request for you to consider.

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Authors currently have the option to put in a link to a GitHub Gist, a Twitter profile or any other link. Some authors opt to not provide any links.

I’m not sure how I can better facilitate a contact between authors and users while also giving authors the option to remain anonymous.

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Is it important for gallery authors to remain anonymous in terms of contact-ability?

Maybe some sort of way to send feedback to a user would be useful. e.g. an unpublished e-mail address where users can fill in a from and send a message to the author.

If there are issues and errors in gallery entries, that go unresolved, that won’t reflect well on the app; unfairly so. Having a feedback mechanism or even just comments or a ratings could help here. But having the opportunity to loopback and improve submissions would surely be the ideal.

I understand the wish to provide a way to stay anonymous to the developers. From this point of view the gallery is a good platform for providing code without having commitments. We all know that you’ll get support requests if you’re an active developer.

From another point of view the gallery has parallels to the App Store. I think many users without developer knowledge just want to get ready to run widgets. These users don’t figure out what’s wrong. In this case the error was this kind of error which occurs only on specific days. Not very spectacular but somehow annoying for none-developers.

The unwanted effect may be that the reputation of the gallery may suffer.

The community lives from the giving and taking. Giving is difficult in these cases.