Fusion 360 Home View Automation

Hey All. Recently got myself a used 15 key stream deck, yay! I’m digging into some Fusion 360 mapping as I use the software for modeling, mostly for 3D printing.

There are many many features with keyboard shortcuts, but manipulating the view of the model is unfortunately not one of them. I want a quick way to reset the view to “home”. Well, quicker then mousing over to the home button on the view cube in the upper right corner. At this point, I’m a little resigned to it not being possible after reading years of threads on various forums that say “nope can’t be done”. So now I’m starting to reach out to places where people might have some knowledge. Have you solved the problem? Do you have a solution? Happy to hack something together. There is a scripting API for Fusion360 but in reading the reference guides, nothing refers to the model view. I stumble across a post about double mouse clicking the center mouse button and I was going to map that through better touch tool, but no dice there either.

Consider this my last-ditch effort before I throw the towel in. Thanks!

Keyboard Maestro can trigger a mouse click on a region of the screen specified by an image match. You can then trigger such a Keyboard Maestro macro from the Stream Deck via a plugin; just search this forum for the various plugin/call options.

Ohhh good thought. The home icon doesn’t appear until you hover over the area, but it always appears in the same relationship to a permanently visible object. Do you know if you can offset the click location?

Yes, you provide an image of the part of the screen to locate (e.g. a picture of the button), and you then specify an x/y pixel offset for the location within that image to trigger the click. Often just specifying 0/0 and the image centre is sufficient, but sometimes you need a bigger image for a better match and so you can offset from different corners for example.