Frozen Shortcuts

I frequently have shortcuts that freeze or not even seem to start after successive executions of the shortcut. It has gotten somewhat worse with iOS 16 but was present before. I’ve tried the workarounds I could find searching in google, mostly restarting the phone. But recently I’ve noticed that when my shortcuts get stuck, I can get them to finish by starting the shortcuts app, and then force closing it. After this, I see all of the shortcuts that seemed to fail suddenly all complete in rapid fashion. Is this a bug? How can I solve this behavior? This workaround solves it but is still aggravating.

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Have you looked for a pattern? Are there specific shortcuts or actions that tend to trigger this stuck queuing behaviour for example?

Yes, the majority of the affected shortcuts are on my home screen. They are ‘menu’ sort of shortcuts the way David Sparks describes in his field guide. They are basically a shortcut that pops up a menu of choices leading to other shortcuts. For example, one is called Money and pops up a list of open shortcut shortcuts to open apps like Credit Karma, Calculator, other financial apps, etc.

Okay. On that basis, you might want to try recreating at least a few of those shortcuts. If the issue has persisted so long, maybe there’s been some sort of conversion issue in a past update that’s affecting them.

I’ve had shortcuts in the past that evolved weird behaviour. Rebuilding them, exactly the same, typically resolved those issues. Maybe that could be what’s happened here? If you can recreate a few (perhaps your most frequently used) to try this out, and check the results over a few days, you’ll either have a way forward, or have rules it out without expanding too much effort.

Thx, I will try rebuilding several of them to see, I always get so frustrated when things like this behave inconsistently. I’m always puzzled when things don’t work 100% or fail 100%.