From Drafts to Bear?

How can I send text from Drafts and append to an existing note in Bear? Editing the URL call0back is what beyond my abilities sadly. Many thanks.

As I said over on the thread on the Drafts forum, you just need to amend the URL in the Action to meet your needs and I think that the Bear URL documentation is clear on what to do.

Have you tried doing it, or have you assumed it is too difficult?

I have tried. I cannot seem to find the right syntax for the /open-note and name of the Bear file. And I would take issue with the documentation making it clear - it does presupposed a certain amount of knowledge which, sadly, it appears I do not have.

I know I need a combination of
bear://x-callback-url/[action]? [action parameters]&[-callback parameters]

But even if I were to get the syntax to work - where do I put the code in order for it to work?

I don’t have experience with drafts but I do with the Bear URLs. There is a callback URL creator on Bear’s support website which is immensely helpful. That URL then just needs to be loaded (either system wide, or in Safari). If it’s in Safari then the browser just passes it off to the system and Bear handles it. If it’s used system wide then Bear immediately handles it. In Siri Shortcuts you would use a “Open URL with x-callback” action. I assume Drafts has something similar.

Thanks. I’ll give it a go!