Freezer Inventory

With a bit of help from folks on here, I have created a set of 4 shortcuts for managing a freezer inventory (or whatever you want). I like this better than using reminders because:

  • it records amounts
  • it automatically adds the item to my groceries list if it gets low
  • it only manages the items I want (so I don’t get weird typos when Siri misunderstands me)
  1. Add item to freezer inventory (this shortcut will also create the json file in the Shortcuts iCloud folder that’s necessary for this to work):
  2. Show freezer inventory (this shortcut displays inventory in table view. Requires Scriptable and script pasted below):
  3. Remove from freezer (asks you which item you’re taking out of the freezer, then reduces the inventory amount by 1. If they amount is less than 2, asks if you’d like to add it to the groceries list. Otherwise, Siri tells you how many are left):
    4: Add to freezer (asks you which item you’re restocking and how many you’re adding):
const rawJSON = args.shortcutParameter;
const items = rawJSON;

let table = new UITable();
let header = new UITableRow();
header.isheader = true

for (let element in items) {
  let row = new UITableRow();
  let name = element;
  let nameCell = row.addText(name);
  nameCell.widthWeight = 50;
  let amount = items[element];
  let numberCell = row.addText(amount);
  numberCell.widthWeight = 50;
  row.height = 30;
  row.cellSpacing = 10;



This is super interesting. Not able to dive into right now, but curious about it. Last year I used shortcuts and DEVONthink To Go yo put together a database tracking some event entries I was making. Might have been better, because it was just plain text to save it as a jaSON file and keep that updated. With your shortcut, is that what you are able to do (e.g have a jaSON file in iCloud, read it, change / update entries, add new entries?)

That’s it exactly. This is a very simple json format, but it would be possible to use even more complex dictionaries (e.g., nested ones)