Formatting in TextExpander

Hi all! Although i’ve subscribed to TextExpander for a few years, i’ve never really made extensive use of it.

Recently I tried to create a snippet which included formatted text [italic and colour]. However every time I use the snippet the part that should be in italic and different colour isn’t. Am I doing something wrong, or have I misunderstood its capabilities and am expecting it to do more than it can?

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The most likely reason is your snippet format. Double check your snippet format is correct. You want “Formatted Text, Pictures”, not “Plain Text”. If you have rich text in a plain text snippet it will expand as plain text.

It can also depend upon what app you are expanding into. Not all apps support rich text in “the right way”. If there’s anything even slightly non-standard it can cause an issue. Smile have addressed many of these over the years I believe and so the chances of this are ever diminishing I think.

Thanks for replying. I made sure that it was rich text. However, you mention that it depends on the app i’m using, and i suspect that might be the reason. I’m using it in PowerPoint (have to use it for compatibility with work).