Focus-triggered Personal Automations No Longer Running

I assume Personal Automations on iOS, specifically v15.1.1, would fit in this category.

Thank you @MacSparky & @RosemaryOrchard for mentioning issues with personal automations triggered from focus changes on Episode 89. I posted a tip to Allison Sheridan about using these (and how to hack around getting a location triggered automation to run without the “Ask To Run” prompt. When I finally got my shortcut working the way I needed (yes debugging it was a real pain)…I fond that NO focused triggered automations would run on my phone anymore but did run on my iPad. :rage:

I’ve tried deleting/reinstalling the shortcuts app, updated the phone from v15.1 to v15.1.1, reset network settings, and sacrificed a goat. Nothing has helped. I am thinking of a full wipe of the phone, but was wondering if you had any other advice? Perhaps just wait it out for a bit as the Shortcuts Team catches up?

For those who can run focus-triggered personal automations, the tip I mentioned is here

Not a solution, but a +1. I can trigger shortcuts when a focus turns ON, but not when a shortcut turns OFF. At least I’m not crazy!

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Bizarre…but nice to know I am not alone. Hoping for a fix in the near future :pray: