Focus mode or automation for weather emergency?

My mom is out of power and has been since last night’s big storm in the midwest (the second crazy winter storm this week.) I was wondering what automations people have set up for their iPhones to conserve battery power once the lights go out. I mean, outside of triggering “low power mode,” are there any other ideas out there? Maybe ones you can toggle on and off quickly so that you can use battery power more strategically. Thanks!

Taking the power element:

  • You could turn down the screen brightness, disable bluetooth and disable wifi. That should all conserve power, but other than the screen, they are relatively low power anyway compared to the cellular radio.

Other options to potentially consider are:

  • Powering down the device entirely/flight mode and only turning it on every few hours to send and receive messages, check other comms, etc.
  • Having something available to provide power - battery pack, solar charger, manual charger.
  • Having a separate light source so you don’t have to resort to using your phone as a torch. Even a tiny key ring LED torch can be an option.

There are ways you could automate some of this, but some combination and sensible resource use are likely to be the primary factors.