Float Selected Apple Note

This Keyboard Maestro macro will open the Apple Notes app and float a selected note. Thus it provides a convenient method to access frequently used notes.

local_Favorite_Folders_Titles : This multiple-line variable is in the format (for each line):

Notes App Folder:::Note Title Substring

Three consecutive colons (:::) should be used to delimit the Notes App Folders and Note Title Substrings (both case-insensitive).

The Notes App Folder (and delimiter) can be excluded on more lines, however, the search will be faster if a note is within a folder and a folder is specified.

The Keyboard Maestro macro will generate a Prompt With List that includes all of the specified Note Title Substrings. The selected note will then be floated.

If local_Favorite_Folders_Titles includes only one line, the Prompt With List will be skipped and the specified note will be immediately floated.

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