Fixes in iOS 14 dev beta 3

The following are some issues I’ve found with previous betas that work now:

Split text
Combine text

Odd. I just filed a feedback because my Combine Text in iPadOS is broken. Split Text works though.

I 2nd that, split text works fine but combine text is broken

Thank you. For some reason my IOS shortcuts acts a bit weird at the moment. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t I created a whole new shortcut and it worked this time.

I’ve only just got started with IOS Shortcuts and not sure if it’s because I started with IOS 14 Beta version but it feels quite buggy at the moment and generally quite slow to use.

I maybe wrong here so please point out if I am.

For instance…

Why it’s slow
• If I create a shortcut but its not working for some reason, I tend to create a new shortcut if I don’t want to duplicate the whole thing but I have to copy one item at a time.
• I don’t see error reports so It’s hard to determine what went wrong sometimes.

Why it’s buggy
• If I have a working shortcut but want to change one part, the whole things stops working and I can’t get it back unless I start again.
• Sometimes things won’t work and other times it does.
• Right clicking doesn’t always work, I have to right click another object and then go back again to right click it (This is using the magic keyboard with trackpad and the iPad 2020 so it could be a hardware thing)