Fix ‘N To Dive Head First Into Airtable. Need a good script editor

As green as green can be when it comes to coding, but I have dipped my toe into Airtable, and it feels so nice. I wanna learn!

Anyone recommend a good script editing tool for IOS devices?

Any additional information on what particular scripting language(s) you want to do would be invaluable. In the interim I’ll assume you are looking to work with script files rather than say something more visually driven like Shortcuts.

Based on what I currently have installed, these are the editors I tend to use for working with script files in different circumstances.

  1. If you want to script in Python, try Pythonista.
  2. If you want to script in JavaScript, try Scriptable.
  3. If you want something with syntax highlights for lots of languages, try Textastic, Buffer Editor or Kodex - each has their own strengths.
  4. If you need something to open anything and fill some gaps, try GoCoEdit. It looks… different, but it has capability.
  • I also edit quite a bit of JavaScript in Drafts, but that’s specifically for use in Drafts.
  • Swift Playgrounds is a good jumping point if you’re looking for developing coding skills and I guess an be considered as incorporating rather than being an editor.

Hope that helps, but more info on exactly what you want to do and what sorts of thing you would like the editor to do (e.g. colored syntax highlighting for a particular language, able to run as well as edit the script, save scripts natively to a remote location) would be useful in narrowing down and/or offering other, more tailored alternatives.

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I recently asked a somewhat similar question on the MBP forum.

I particularly like Textastic and Coda in “category 3”.

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