Find my iphone short cut

I lost my iPhone the other day in my apartment. It is possible to make a short cut to say something and your iPhone makes noise?

Try shouting “hey Siri timer 5 seconds”.

It sounds loudly for me even when volume down or ringer silent on.

If you use the Find my iPhone app to ping your iPhone then this action will be donated so you can use it. I have an “Accio iPhone” shortcut which turns on the flashlight and pings it via find my iPhone :slight_smile:

I need to do that. How long does it take before actions are dontated to short cuts?

I usually see donations after 3-5 uses, but I believe it can vary by app and is not just based on frequency in terms of determining when a donation occurs.

For me I did it once and it was immediately donated. What’s important is that you refresh the menu in Shortcuts or re-open the Shortcuts part of the settings menu - otherwise the action won’t show up.

So far I still can’t get find my iPhone donated to short cuts

@RosemaryOrchard I finally got find my iPhone short cut to show up. But if my phone is locked it says I always have to unlock for the short cut to work. I want it to work without unlocking it.

Do you have an suggestions?

This is a security restriction set by Apple, unfortunately I don’t know a way around it.

That sucks. But thanks for all your help.

It may have seemed a bit flippant, but my earlier suggestion of shouting to ask Siri to set a timer was legitimate. If you are within “earshot”, it should work. No security restrictions apply.

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That doesn’t work for me, I’d have to go unplug the HomePod and take off my watch and put the iPad under a pillow.

But the HomePod and watch and iPad can find my phone, so I’m good, I guess?

Perhaps not, but I’d guess if the OP had other devices with options to activate find my iPhone, it wouldn’t be an issue :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe. My wife has had a watch for years and didn’t know if could find her phone until a week ago. :grin: And HomePod find my phone is new to iOS 12.

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I use this all the time - when I’m worried I might have left it behind somewhere but it’s really in one of the many pockets of my backpack. :slight_smile:

Hey, with your last name you are pretty much required to have a pack of many pockets!

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