Find flagged email messages on iOS

I have a bit of a problem:

I keep a strict inbox zero policy, my inbox is processed three times per day until it is empty. I used to use airmail for that, but I’m getting less and less happy with 3rd parties having access to my email login credentials.
So I’d like to switch to apple’s mail app completely. Not just because I trust them a little bit more, but also because I think it’s a very good email client.

My wife and I share some email accounts and we each have our own.
When we see an email that needs both our attention, we star it in airmail (equivalent of marking/flagging in apple mail)
On the mac I can see all marked (i.e. starred) items in the marked special folder, not matter where they are in the mailboxes.

On iOS however this feature is limited to the inbox only (no idea why, but ah… feature parity apparently not an item :-))
In airmail it does work… (sometimes) just not in apple’s mail app.

I’ve been looking at this for a few weeks now, and am a bit lost.
Any ideas on how we could do this, short of setting up one folder in one of the inboxes for collecting those messages?

Thanks for your ideas!

Have you tried doing a search for flagged items ?

This should give you the option to search all mailboxes.


Actually I hadn’t Thanks!
It works but is a bit of a workaround, I’d prefer something like a folder to get a quick overview… but hey :slight_smile:
as a quick fix for now this will actually help me a lot!

I would hereby like to retract my previous answer to @RogerDowning :slight_smile:
The solution he sent me has actually simplified my workflow to a great extent. No more switching folders, I just select the flags in the search field and I’m done. Very easy and absolutely what I want!

If you use gmail as email provider you can add an “starred” folder to your apple email applike this:

@Pedro I know, thanks, but I have several email accounts with several providers. This would then be about 7 different flagged folders. That’s a bit much :wink:

Of course, @JKoopmans. I have several email providers too, but all of them are redirected to my main Gmail account. This is the only one I have connected to Apple mail and the only one I read. I understand that this workflow will not work for everybody, though :sweat_smile: