Finally got an iPad of my own (what service should I automate w Shortcuts?)

We’ve had 4+ 9.7" models over the years since the OG but they’ve overwhelmingly been my wife’s main computing device.

She loves them and they’re great. Her current is a 2017 base iPad.

I really enjoyed Workflow and use Shortcuts as well. At one point a couple years ago I wrote a few workflows that used web services to grab info. But doing all of the typing into Workflow/Shortcuts on my iPhone, it got pretty old. :slight_smile:

Buuut. This week I grabbed a new iPad Mini 5 for myself and want to get back into Workflow/Shortcuts again.

Anyone know of any publicly available web services (e.g. or similar) that look interesting and could use an iOS Shortcut?


I would take a look through for some ideas

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Perfect, thanks! Exactly the type of thing I was looking for.

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