Final Step of Automation Eludes Me

Hi All,

I’m creating a quick action to convert a single-page PDF, into a .jpg, rescale the image and then save a copy of it into the same folder as the PDF.

I cannot find for the me the option to enable me to save the output jpg back into the same folder as the original PDF. I can move it anywhere else–for example the desktop–but that somewhat defeats the point of automating the process if I then have to manually move it back.

Here’s what I have so far:

Can anyone help with the last step?

Is this in Automator? Or something else?

There isn’t an inbuilt Automator action to do that. You need to resort to some scripting to take care of that aspect.

This Stack Overflow thread for a different set of PDF-based operations in Automator should give you some simple code actions that you can utilise.

Make sure you read at least the first two answers in the thread.

Hope that helps.

Quick Actions are the newer name for Services and that is one of the output options for Automator. The screenshot also mentions Workflows (another Automator output option), and certainly looks like Automator.

While I cannot be 100% sure it is Automator, I would be very surprised to find it is something else that looks and operates so similarly.

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