filterCSV v1.11 - Taskpaper export and improved Markdown import

filterCSV is a Python program that allows batch editing of iThoughts CSV files and imports and exports in various file formats. You don’t even need iThoughts if you want to do filtering and conversion.

In v1.11 I concentrated on two things:

  • Improved Markdown import:
    • As well as bulleted lists you can import headings.
    • Metadata (before the first blank line) is ignored.
  • Task-related columns and export:
    • iThoughts supports a lot of task management items such as due dates and priorities and progress. filterCSV now supports them.
    • filterCSV can now export in Taskpaper format.

As I said, filterCSV doesn’t have to involve iThoughts. For example, you could import Markdown and emit a GraphViz Digraph.

Anyhow you can get it here. Contributions and issues welcome.