filterCSV - an Open Source tool for iThoughts, MindNode and Freemind

I thought about putting this on the Mac Power Users Forum but think it a slightly better fit here.

I’m a long time user of iThoughts, with code that generates CSV files to pull into iThoughts.

I wanted a way to usefully manipulate the CSV files I pull into iThoughts before I pull them in. For example, I wanted to use regular expression matches to colour nodes. (Hence the “filter” in “filterCSV”.

So I built filterCSV to enable me to do that and a whole lot besides. I think these capabilities could be quite useful for users of iThoughts, Freemind and MindNode, particularly as I built in export to OPML and import from Markdown bulleted lists.

I’m actually using filterCSV in my day job - so I know it works for me.

It’s a Python 3 command line tool with syntax such as:

filterCSV '^ABCD' '3' < input.csv > output.csv

where ^ABCD is a regular expression to match the text of the node and 3 is the third colour in the iThoughts palette. (Craig Scott, the iThoughts developer, kindly gave me the RGB values for the palette.) The idea is that any nodes in the mind map matching a specific regular expression get coloured with a specific colour.

In my day job I’m creating bash scripts with each matching criterion on a separate line - as I try out matches. (The backslash character \ is really handy for this.)

So I’ve got it to the state where I want wanted to Open Source it. My employer (IBM) has given me permission to create an Open Source project for filterCSV - using the MIT licence.

If you are interested in using it or, still better, contributing the project is on Github:

I’m open to contributions, bug reports, and ideas.

Meanwhile I’ll keep using it in my day job and enhancing it.

So I wrote about filterCSV here.