Filter calendar events by “has repeat”

I’m working on an “upcoming events this week” shortcut and I don’t want to include repeating events since I’m pretty much aware of those and I’d rather only see the abnormal stuff.

Does anybody have a way of filtering out calendar events with repeat?

It’s definitely not the best way to do it, it really bogs down Calendar, but I use:

repeat with theEvent in (get events whose recurrence does not contain "FREQ")

I did the message board equivalent of following GPS into a lake. :neutral_face:

This looks like AppleScript? Perhaps I posted in the wrong place but I’m on iOS working in Shortcuts. You did make me think of maybe using Scriptable for this…

Ah, crap, arrived vis RSS feed and didn’t read the street signs. :wink:

I got 'nuthin for Shortcuts, tbh I still haven’t found a purpose for them.

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My #1 shortcut simply takes input and sends it to my wife without prompting. I call this from an action bar item in Drafts. Makes sending my wife a quick text incredibly quick.