File Bookmarks sync?

Do File Bookmarks sync among all IOS devices? Via iCloud? Or are them device specific? I can’t see it. But it would be wonderful in order to execute scripts or Shortcuts from iPhone or iPad.

And, how to bookmark a folder with FileBookmarks, to be used with Shortcuts?

Where are you creating your file bookmarks?

In my iPad Pro, in the Scriptable app/Settings/File Bookmarks. But they don’t appear in my iPhone.

Ah okay. You never mentioned Scriptable, but I did wonder if that might be what you were referring to.

Scriptable doesn’t currently sync iOS bookmarks. But given the bookmarks could link to storage from apps that are not installed on all devices I can see why that might be by design.

Regarding setting a folder bookmark in Shortcuts, there’s only file selection available. I’ve tried pushing a folder path into the creation step for a file in Shortcuts, but unsurprisingly it just ends up as unresolved.

Maybe @simonbs could figure out a way to add some support? Maybe by adding another action into Shortcuts (allowing for a file path to be used), allowing movement of non-Siri bookmarks to Siri bookmarks or something equivalent that better fits in with Scriptable’s structure and road map.

Hi skylumer! Thanks for your kind and clear answer!!

Shortcuts do sync. Scriptable scripts do sync. They all can be executed in iPad and iPhone without problem. File Bookmarks would be wonderful to be synced, so combination of Shortcut-Scriptable could also be executed in iPad or iPhone.

And yes, we need Simon to add the “Create bookmark for FOLDER” in Shortcuts. That would be amazing. Simoooooooonnnn, listen to this! :smiley::smiley::smiley:
But in the meantime, I found a very easy way to by pass this absence. Would you like to know about it? Or would it be useful to the blog people that I explain it here?
Thank you again.

It isn’t something I’ve personally needed to do yet, but if you have a workaround I would suggest posting it just in case someone comes across this thread in the future looking for a way to do this.

Scriptable doesn’t sync file bookmarks between devices. I’d love to do that but unfortunately it wouldn’t make sense since bookmarks can’t be resolved in different processes. This poses two limitations:

  1. When you create a file bookmark in Scriptable, it can’t be used in Siri, Shortcuts and the Share Sheet. They are different processes.
  2. The file bookmarks won’t work on different devices.

This is a security limitation of iOS. As much as I’d love to, there’s not much I can do about it right now.

A workaround for now is to create the bookmark on all your devices and give them the same name. That way the scripts should run just fine. I know it’s not a good solution and it’s requires manual work but it should only be necessary to create the bookmark once per device.

As for supporting folders in the “Create File Bookmark” shortcut, that should technically be possible but might not be supported by Scriptable right now. I’d love to support it though. Honestly, the only reason I haven’t looked too much into it is because I haven’t found a way to open arbitrary folders in Shortcuts. The shortcut would need to present a document picker that allows for picking a folder and I haven’t found a way to do that. Am I missing something? I really hope I am :smiley:

Get file works if you give it a folder path, then you can “choose from list” to pick your file :slight_smile:

Thank you for your explanation! I go on learning more and more Scriptable.
But I still have a question:
Is there a function that lets to select a variable in a script that’s been run in the app, to be sent to Shortcuts?
I mean something like Script.setShortcutOutput(). I found Script.setShortcutOutput() very useful, but unfortunately I could only use it successfully in scripts run from Shortcuts with the API Run Script.