Feedback app missing after IOS final release

I’ve never understood the rational behind Apple removing the Feedback app after you download the GM or the final release of IOS. You would think Apple would want to continue to get info on how stable their software is. It’s a shame because Shortcuts is extremely buggy at the moment. The more I’ve used the IOS version the more I realize how many flaws there are. I don’t mind it while I’m beta testing. In fact I like to isolate the problems and report them. But to have to deal with and work around all of the shortcomings in the final release is frustrating especially as there is no way to report them.

Actually is never deleted, just hidden. You can access the app via its URL scheme applefeedback://.

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You can also go to

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Thanks to you both! On with the Feedbacks!

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Oh nice! I didn’t realize that.

I found a pre-made Shortcut which will do this also.

I tested it to make sure that it was doing what it said it was, and it is.

I added the icon to my home screen, and it’s almost as good as having the app installed directly.

(The only difference is that the Shortcuts app opens briefly before opening the Feedback app.)