Feature Requests

Hi, a few feature suggestions / requests and issues I ran into:

  • TypeScript support
  • Babel support
  • A REPL
  • Web Worker support
  • A native API for appending to a file
  • Global variable support
  • Browser crypto API access
  • Dynamic import (import()) support
  • console has an issue where it does not accept extra arguments
  • Native browser compliant setTimeout, setInterval, clear functions (can share a polyfill)
  • Ran into a bug when fetching some scripts as a string when the script had a new line character, it couldn’t be imported after writing to disk (test with prettier-standalone)
  • A native key value store / DB
  • A fetch compliant API (I also have a polyfill for this that I can post soon if anyone is interested)
  • an XHR compliant API (for third party library support)
  • Code formatting support (prettier)
  • A widget to run scripts from

Thanks for your consideration!