Feature request: Turn AutoLock on / off

First of all, I would you thank Simon for such great app.

I have just migrated from Android to the IOS and one of the apps I missed a lot in Android is the Prana Breath app. It is a breathing meditation timer that the user can adjust start and ending breath cycle per minute. I have not been able to find a replacement app that can do that until I found scriptable ! I have managed to adapt the Scriptable example “Countdown to Midnight” to what I needed and adding audio chime to indicate the intervals.

My problem now is that I will have to manually disable the autolock setting everytime I want to use it or else it will turn off after the specified minutes (2 minutes in my case) and interrupt the running of the script and my activity.

Therefore I would like to request for ability to allow the script to stay awake throughout (Autolock turned to never).


This is a good idea!

Maybe the app should just always keep the screen alive while running a script.

I’ll add it to my todo list :blush: