Feature request: "play" button to execute script (in overview)

Some of my scripts I don’t want to run from Siri or a widget, but from within Scriptable (because I don’t run them very often). Currently I first have to tap the script in the overview, which opens the editor, and then tap the play button to execute it.

Could you consider adding a play button on the right side of each script in the “Scripts” (over)view so that we can immediately execute the script instead of first opening it in the editor?

(“disclaimer”: I did not come up with this idea; I saw it in the similar App JSBox)

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You can force press the pill and slide it up. There is a “Run Script” action you can hit.

An option to swap that to fire the script immediately would be nice…

This is something I’m planning to look into very soon :blush:


Workflow (before it became Shortcuts) had a double tap to execute rather than edit - which was horrible (meaning I was too clumsy to get the timing right). The current solution with the (…) edit target is much better.

Oops. I completely forgot about Launch Center Pro… And Scriptable even has a share action to add (running) a script to LCP!

The discussion about what tool to use triggered me and I think the combination of LCP and Scriptable is perfect for my use case (quickly running a script to check something via the API of an online service). :smile: