Feature request: Full Screen in iOS 13

Can we please have Full Screen (QuickLook) again in iOS 13?

Or is this an OS limitation?

Reasons for asking:

  • the colorful buttons at the edges of the screen are super distracting
  • several of my scripts are optimized for the full screen; they no longer fit

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I ended up going with the sheet style that is new in iOS 13. I thought that makes the app feel more modern and lightweight, especially since you can swipe down on those sheets to dismiss them.

A few users have asked to go back to the old style. I’m not sure if I should do it or not. If anyone have an opinion on this, I’d love to hear if and gather some feedback.

I’ve also considered to make it a setting.

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That would work for me.

@simonbs Can it be that there’s a bug in the current version of Scriptable that makes this worse?

I have a table with 2 columns, the left left-aligned, the right right-aligned. Somehow the text on the right column is not visible at all. If it’s really long I see the leftmost part on the right edge of my screen…

I noticed this on both my iPhone and iPad for (an updated version of) this script I made:

In the updated version the values and units were right aligned perfectly on iOS 12 (unfortunately I have no screenshot of that), but on iOS 13 they are just not visible… :cry:

(I also added a centered title; on iOS 13 it is at the right edge of the dialog screen)

Yes. A bug had snuck into the previous build causing right aligned texts in a UITable to be clipped under some conditions. I have submitted a quick fix for review at Apple. It should be out within a few days.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time.

Good to know I should not spend time on this.

I have some bugs in my own scripts to fix… (to properly support Dark Mode)

Let me know if you’re seeing any issues with dark mode in tables etc. Most APIs should “just work”, unless you’re explicitly setting light or dark colors in your scripts.

It’s the text in the graph in the screenshot above.

I hardcoded the color values myself (using setTextColor), not thinking of a future Dark Mode…

Fixed in 1.4.2 :smile:


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Seconding the request for a full screen option. I created a shortcut that generates a page of comics, and it would benefit greatly from more width.

My preference would be an option on the various WebView functions to indicate full screen preference. Something like:

WebView.loadHTML(string, null, new Size(0,100), true); // showFullScreen=true

But whatever implementation works for you.

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@simonbs Thank you for bringing this back in today’s TestFlight build! :smile:

EDIT: And for including the JetBrains Mono typeface (is that new in this build?).

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@rob I’m glad you like it :blush: And the JetBrains Mono font have been there for a while. It’s also in the current App Store version.