Feature request: cell onTap & background color

I’ve loved playing around with the new widgets. I created this widget recently:


It pulls data from Github, gmail, and Reminders APIs and shows outstanding items to be addressed. I was thinking it would be nice to recreate something similar in a UITable inside the app, where clicking on one of these sections would load more rows in the table with additional context.

Basically a tabbed header inside a UITable like this:

I was just trying to create it and realized that there are a couple immediate limitations in UITables:

  1. OnTaps can only be attached to entire rows, or button-type cells
  2. Background color can’t be set per cell.

@simonbs Would be awesome to get those (hopefully not too complex) features added!

More broadly, I love the flexibility of the design of widgets w/ the new stacks interface, and would love to see similar mechanics in the construction of UITables. I know that some elements, like fonts, have already been brought over from widgets to UITable, so I’m hopeful there’s more plans to consolidate the 2 interfaces :slight_smile:


Very cool widget! I appreciate the ideas and feedback.

I’ve been considering if it should be possible to present widgets full screen in the app. I think that could be used instead of the existing UITable API in mode cases and with just a few additions it could entirely replace it.


@simonbs Sounds powerful! I would then just request that you maintain the interactivity of tables. I’ve built a lot of interfaces around the ability to update a table’s rows while it is still presented, e.g. here is my task manager interface: https://imgur.com/a/oAZ4wJp

I’ll second this request. On Tap events would be very powerful for images as well.

Just to follow up, I sort of solved this (without the cell background colors) from a UX perspective:


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This is really cool! Would love to see the implementation if you don’t mind.

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