Feature Request: Calendar-based Triggers

Here’s a few ideas I’m imagining:

Trigger by event or calendar name

  • Send my Work-is-over Notification when work ends
  • Send my Choose-Music-Playlist notification when an event in my “Parties” calendar begins

Trigger at 9am the day there is a matching event

  • Send my Weather notification at 9am when there is an event in my Sports calendar

Time offsets (e.g., 30 minutes before/after “Work” begins/ends)

  • Send me a “Weather” notification 1 hour before an event in my “Sports” calendar begins

hi, thanks for the input!

I like the idea. In the past I always referred to online service and the connection to google calendars for these types of triggers, but I can see how a direct trigger through local calendars could be nice.

it is definitely somewhat tricky to do this, both UI-wise and to get it working robustly. but I’ll put it on the feature list.

what should be absolutely possible in the meanwhile is to use the Automation Server to set up your own calendar-checking shortcuts that will send notifications in exactly the right conditions.

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If you have a time-based trigger could it not check the day/date/phase of the moon :slight_smile: ?

to each their own :wink:

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