Feature Request - Beacon RSSI Constraint


I was thinking about using beacons around the house to tell if a room is occupied or not. I tested out some scenarios and found out that I get a lot of false positives. I was wondering if it would be possible to implement one or both of the following solutions into the pushcut app?

Solution 1

Add a constraint option to the location beacon settings, which would allow a user to input a value that is >=, or <= then the RSSI value. This way we’ll be able to mitigate the cases where the beacon is seen
when the phone is near, but the signal is weak, so it’s ignored.

Solution 2

Allow the RSSI value to be passed along as an input for that location. So the RSSI input value can be used in a GET, POST, etc. HTTP request. Then the software that is receiving the data can verify if the RSSI value is to weak for it to trigger the action.

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There have been several discussions before about this sort of thing. I think the upshot is that with active scanning you can do fine tuning, but when utilising passive/background scanning it is simply reliant on the OS.

I may not have the nuance here, but that’s what I’ve gleaned to date from those discussions.

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That was my understanding, too.

So are you say these solutions are dependent on the OS layer, and there is nothing we can do on the pushcut application layer to solve this limitation?

Based on the previous discussions on this topic on this forum, yes; but I’m also saying that with the caveat that I’m not a developer of any of those solutions and that I may have misinterpreted something as I don’t think what I said above has been explicitly said in those conversations. I’ve been reading between the lines if you will and attempting to distil the limitation.

If you have a search through the forum for iBeacon and Pushcut you will find the various topics and you can check my interpretation for yourself.

There is also my assumption on this that you wish this to occur in the background and not with active scanning. If that is a false assumption, then I think something may be possible.