Favorite iOS 14 Automation/Enhancement?

This new Back Tap feature is a real sleeper feature. I’ve also envied the Android quick gestures to launch the camera without clicking the screen. I set up a shortcut that just has one action to open the camera and set it to the double tap - now a quick double tap on my phone opens the camera without looking, ready to take the picture as soon as I lift it up. Amazing!

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It’s great! I’m using it as a quick method to add groceries and errands to my systems right now.


Hard question to answer. My initial reaction was timed automation run without user input. I just realized when writing this that i can get around the location problem with IF/Then statements, it won’t be pretty but it will work for now. I don’t understand why they didnt enable it for location, would have been a killer.

I think it is because when you live in a place like I do, locations are a bit…shall we say…random?

Yeah that and also due to the consultant job one tend to switch workplaces quite often :wink:

期待期待 :sunglasses: