Fast User Switching Automation

Hey Guys,

First post here, I normally post over at the MPU forum, but I love listening to automators!

I have a new Mac mini setup that I have four family members with individual accounts on the Mac Mini. We all have individual iCloud photo libraries and have our pictures download originals onto the Mac mini(well a hard drive connected to the mini) so we always have a hard copy of our pictures, videos etc.

My question is(and I don’t know if this is possible) do you have any ideas for how to make logins automatic. I.e user A is logged in from 10am -12pm and that way everything downloads, and then user A switches out and user B is logged in and the same thing happens, then user C etc.

Basically I am trying to automate the logins so that I don’t manually have to login for everyone to get pictures to download

Any and all help is appreciated, and if you have any different ideas I am open to everything!

If fast user switching is enabled and all accounts have been logged into and left running, then you might well be fine as is.

Ref. StackOverflow, Mac Question: Multiuser - can process of background user kept running?