Family support for Pushcut server

Quick search I saw this come up 2 years ago, but didn’t find anything else… Sooooo…
Is there any plans on supporting multiple users in the same Pushcut server?

I have spent the past couple days getting my old iPhone X setup as a Pushcut server and various Shortcuts and IFTTT setup using it, and they work great! But now I need to pull my wife into the fold and just “assumed” I could copy the “secret” from my phone to her installation of Pushcut on her phone… Nope, no way to enter it… Copy and Generate New…

Anyway, I finally thought things were coming together for improving my home automation, but not being able to keep everything “central” is now the next roadblock.

Sooooo, how to get this voted higher?

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That would actually help the case for retaining an old phone or iPad (or maybe one day a Mac Mini).