Face Detection Feature

Hi all,
I am new to TB Pro though a vet using shortcuts/workflow. I was very keen on the face detection feature and made it run, recognizing faces. Running the flow gives me the appropriate number of pages in the overview, but all are black.

Anyone out there who can help?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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I tried the action and the app example, but I always get this error regardless of picture with very definite faces in.

I don’t know if this is only affecting me or not?

Does the app example work for you? Have you tried a reboot recently; it can be surprising sometimes what that fixes :roll_eyes:

If you are using your own shortcut and it is only that where the issue is occurring, perhaps share it so others can confirm if they share the same results.

Hi Stephen,
as always: As soon as you do it right- it works…

I haven’t figured it how to access the detected faces in the first place - documentation was not very talkative. But the example did help - so I could manage: The result of faces does bring two lists, „cropped faces“, which one can access directly.

Thanks for your hint,


I see this exact same dialog every time I run the “thumbnails from photos” workflow which uses the face detection feature. I use an iPhone X, so I wondered if there was a memory problem with large photos, so I reduced the size of a few pics to 800x600 and 640x480, and I still see the same thing. Pretty frustrating as this would be a remarkable thing to show people.

I also wondered whether the workflow should be kicking the high memory portion of this workflow over to Toolbox Pro, but I can’t figure out how one accomplishes that.

Hi Vinnie,

From my experiences this was not related to any memory issue - and I own only a iPhone XR.

I was simply missing the right treatment of the result: using „cropped faces (…)“

Chose foto-> detect faces-> combine „cropped face (wide)“ to a matrix
did work (I do not know the exact english names of the workflow command)

Hi Vinnie, sorry you’ve been having problems - it was one of the first tools I made and I was always having issues with memory limitations.

I rewrote it a couple of versions ago - does this shortcut work for you?


Sometimes shortcuts will hang on to the older version of an action in an existing shortcut after the app has been updated.

For what it’s worth, that shortcut still gives me the same error on my iPhone 8+ running against a photo of two people taken with my phone, and even just against a 200x133 pixel image, which makes me wonder if it could really be a memory issue.

No I am still getting the “Could Not Run Detect Faces: there was a problem communicating with the app” error dialog. :frowning:

I think it’s more to do with spinning up the Vision framework to perform the image analysis.

Thanks for letting me know - I may have to add a toggle to perform it in-app instead.