Extract a Link from a PDF in Zapier and Matching to a Person in Airtable

Hello All,

I absolutely love listening to the show. It caught me on the right day, I can’t remember what episode it was but it was where I first heard about Airtable. Since then it has already saved me many hours in paperwork in my business. Now for Zapier! :wink: There are questions on the Zaps I built below, but if anyone wants to know how I did what I did, let me know.

Question 1:
I’ve built a Zap, that takes some information in Airtable > Assigns it as a product sign up > Then emails the invoice out in Xero (accounting software). It’s a bit of a workaround but the only access I can get to something so that it automatically sends is a PDF attachment. Unless someone can spot anything different.

I’ve then got another zap which can auto mark this product as paid.

That email attachment is a PDF, but it contains a link to the online invoice where people can pay. I’d love to be able to pull this out and put the link directly in the email.

Question 2:
I am trying to get Airtable to link the product order to a specific customer in the products database. I’ve set up a quick assign view, so it’s not that bad. But I wondered if anyone had a way to automatically match a product order to a contact field in another sheet of Airtable? I have Student Name, Fee Payer Name and Primary Email as potential matches.

Keep up the great work on the show.