External data server not requiring same icloud ID

Is there any external data server for placing shortcuts data (like lists, dictoneries, etc.) which is independent of the same iCloud ID? Data Jar, Tollbox Pro seems to requier same ID

GizmoPack app has a universal variable that can be set to access by anyone with the proper variable name.

Aside from that you could share a iCloud Drive folder or file with someone

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Just a note on Gizmo Pack’s universal variables - be mindful of the data you store in that and how widely availble it becomes when you use some of the stores.

Data stored in the ‘Universal Variables’ action are stored in Apple’s CloudKit. Data stored in the ‘Public’ or ‘Protected’ database are available by anyone including me. Data stored in ‘Private’ is encrypted and only accessible by you.

You don’t indicate what the content of your “lists, dictoneries, etc.” will be, but as you might note from th above, it may not be ideal for all of your use cases.

For example, the non-private (share able) stores would be good for holding something like a quote of the day, or a dynamic list of web bookmarks, but not for something more sensitive like an API key or telephone number.


Yes! Absolutely a good thing to make note of

Didnt know about that tool. Huge thanks to you

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Do I understand properly that there is no way to preview already gathered data directly in Gizmo App? Its only available by invoking from Shortcut?

Yes that’s what I recall seeing in the past as well. I haven’t used it in quite some time though

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