Export or print a Numbers sheet as a PDF file

I have a Numbers document that has many sheets and I regularly need to convert a single sheet to PDF and email it. So I thought I would automate this process. To do this manually I open the print dialog, and configure to print just the sheet and then change the drop down menu to save as PDF.

To date I have had zero success trying to do this using AppleScript. What I have found on sites like maxosxautomation.com seem to be result in the entire document being exported to PDF.

While I wait for my forehead to heal from pounding it against my desk, has anyone done this?


Have you tried putting your AppleScript or an Automator action into the PDF Service folder in your Library folder (a variation on what’s described in this video that shows how to add new locations for saving your pdf to - https://youtu.be/Cc8muVY9XkM )

Numbers should just pass a pdf of what you’ve chosen to print from the print dialogue to either the script or the folder you’ve selected.

No I am not even aware of this folder.

While I will look into this and think about its use I really want this process to be automated so I simply run a function using a keyboard shortcut.