Export Health Data

I need to export some health data for my doctor in some sort of usable (by him)( format, probably csv. I need to collect all three data points entered with the BP reading, but I do not want all the other pulse reading for the day, only the ones that were entered with the systolic and disystolic numbers. I can, it seems, at least get the DP numbers, but not the associated pulse entry, but when I try to export them I end up with a file named “142” that contains “142” which is not useful.

I can export ALL the health data, but that takes forever, and is a massive collection of data.(export.xml is 1.8GB and export_cda.xml is 800MB).

Yikes. This guy seems to confirm that it’s all or nothing — but he’s also selling a $1.99 app to export selectively. I assume it means giving the app access to your health data, of course.

Try something like this: Shortcuts

This shortcut will gather your blood pressure reading, then extract the timestamp from the reading and search for heart rate entries during the same minute.


Oh wow, that is exactly what I need for my doctor since I cannot seem to share via the health app’s sharing. Thanks!

Update; I get “|/ | 69BPM” when searching for a week ( I turned off “limit 1” on 15.2

OK, I figured it out and it is working. The output is:


This is fine as I can easily format that, except that if the HR is missing, the whole thing gets wonky…

I think to get

date | sys | via | hr

on one line per reading I would have to build a for each loop, right?