Export a folder of powerpoint documents to .pdf

Hi there,

One of the things I need to do fairly regularly is export a folder of powerpoint files as .pdfs. This is becoming regular enough for me to want to automate it, rather than do it manually.

Any tips? I’m not great at automator or anything like that, so it’d have to be baby steps.

Thanks for any tips!


This guide to build an Automator workflow to do this looks like it fits your needs. Just copy and paste the AppleScript from the page rather than actually “Type” it into the Run AppleScript step.

As an aside, if any PC users happen to end up on this topic looking for a Windows solution, I created a script way back (for my day job) for converting Office app files, including PowerPoint, to PDF. It has saved me so much time over the years.

Hope that helps.


Stephen hi! Works like a charm, thanks so much. Really easy to follow instructions as well!

Brilliant, really appreciate this.