Exception for the quality of background image

as far as i know, Scriptable limits the quality of any imported image when size of the image exceeds about 500*500(px).

I understand the point of the developer, which is the way to keep widget from memory drain.

However, since many users enjoy scriptable widgets fetching their transparent background, It seems quite disappointing to use widgets in low quality backgrounds.

can the app increase the limit, just for the background image, up to 2000*2000(px)?

while moderating the local scriptable discord, many users have asked me if the feature was intended by the developer.

  • additional question!
    How long does it take to publish my script to the Gallery once I submitted it? I’m thinking about submitting a fancy script… :relieved:


Local scriptable discord? I’m curious about this. I didn’t know there were other discord servers for scriptable but I shouldn’t be surprised :smiley:

I don’t think I have seen any issues with background images not being loaded to a widget due to size but I never really looked into it in great detail. I know I have a widget to display latest VSCO posts but I am not sure what the usual resolution of those pictures it is downloading are