Excel to Web with a twist


I am new to this community and happy to be here. I was hoping to ask for a way to solve an automation problem. I have data in excel that I need to use to populate a web form. I have about 500 rows that need to be entered into the correct web form fields. The catch is that there are also dropdowns that need to be selected. The dropdowns are always the same so at least that is consistent.

Is there any non expensive tool that I can use to loop through the 500 rows and make the submissions into the web form. The web form requires that I login to the site first.

I am not a programmer but I am ok with learning, I would prefer a gui tool that could help navigate and record the clicks and to be able to loop through each row in the sheet.


What device and operating system are you accessing the web form from? PC running Windows, a Mac, a Chrome book, an iPad, a phone running Android,…?

Windows, Mac, Linux would be fine, I am comfortable with all 3. Ideally with the chrome for firefox browser.

Other options are available on other platforms, but since you did not express any preference of, let’s pick Windows and Windows Power Automate desktop.

The desktop app has options to work with desktop files like Excel files, and with web pages. It is free to use, and is no-code based GUI tool; much more akin to web integration services like Zapier and Integromat.

What would you recommend if someone was using a Mac?

Personally, I would probably use Keyboard Maestro or Fake web browser, though perhaps combined with say Python for efficient processing of the Excel file.


Building on the “use Python” theme I would expect you could select all (Cmd+A) and then copy (Cmd+C) to get something (tab-delimited?) that’s useful as a starting point. I’d probably orchestrate it with Keyboard Maestro.