Error message when shortcut runs in widget

I have a shortcut that I use to take a picture of a receipt, give it a title, convert to PDF, and save it in a folder on my iCloud. It is a modified version of a shortcut that David Sparks created years ago. It runs great in the Shortcuts app, but I’d like to run it from the iOS 14 widget. When I tap on it in the widget, everything seems to work great until I get to the last step of the shortcut – where it saves to a folder in iCloud. At that point, I get an error message saying “There was a problem running the shortcut”. Switching the save location from iCloud to Dropbox doesn’t fix the problem.

Has anyone else figured out a solution when a simple shortcut runs fine in the Shortcuts app but not in a widget? Thanks.


Is adding the “Continue in Shortcuts App” step to your Shortcut an option for you?

That’s a good idea, and adding a Continue in the Shortcuts App does make it work. But it is certainly less elegant than just running the shortcut from within the widget. Nevertheless, thanks for the tip.


It may well, as usual, be a limitation on the available memory to complete the operation. To check if that is the case, you could create a test widget that saves some text or even a very small PDF to file. If that saves successfully, it points towards, but is not an absolute guarantee, of it being a resource limitation. If it still fails, then that’s a sign of something else at work.