Error IOS 17 - Audio to text

Hey, I have iOS 17 and I tested the new Apple transcription shortcut but sometimes there is an error!
Can someone please help me?

Is there anything else in your shortcut? That audio source name for conversion looks suspiciously like an image file name.

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I converted a video file to an audio file with the shortcut application because you can’t put in a video file for transcription.
The current file is therefore an M4A audio file.

In that case you are probably best off providing feedback to Apple. You are using a developer beta and not all functionality will necessarily work perfectly.


I’m hoping this makes transcribing podcasts possible!

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Yes. As a podcaster I’d find that handy - for my long form show notes.

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Do you share a tabular view of your podcasts: podcast – Mainframe, Performance, Topics as well as the narrative version?

I don’t understand the question.

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The podcast apps tend to list the podcasts in reverse chronological order and allow you to search for particular topics and people featured on the podcast.

Here is a tabular view of the Masters in Business podcast:

This is the Apple podcasts view: